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I assumed it was dirty, so when I went to the bathroom, I always made sure to wipe extra hard. Finally a doctor had to tell me to stop thatand give my butthole a break. I did, and I stopped itching.

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This actually works the way it is supposed to. I recently had neck surgery so I needed to keep my spine straight and this helped to keep my bottom clean. I have used this product after several back surgeries, I have rods the length of my spine and I am not at all flexible.

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We all treasure being able to perform our toileting routine independently. The good news is there are a number of great equipment options available today that can help make this task easier. When choosing which toilet hygiene aid is right for you, make sure to take the following things into consideration.

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Keeping clean after a bowel movement and washing hands is important for preventing the spread of bacteria and preventing odor. For most people who have solid bowel movements that are easily passed, this will mean wiping with toilet tissue. In other cases, it might help to use other products such as a bidet, a toilet sprayer, or wet wipes. Hand washing after using the toilet is also a vital part of using the bathroom and can help prevent transmission of some microbes, such as the hepatitis A virus.

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People can feel embarrassed or frustrated when discussing their problems with taking care of their personal hygiene or toileting. Having a toilet aid can help people keep their dignity and have more independence with personal hygiene care. Compared to other toileting aids on the market, the FreedomWand is the only toilet aid that provides portability, multiple lengths, and can hold more than just toilet tissue.

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Copyright DanZtools. All Rights Reserved. It may look like a workbench tool but the darn thing works far better than any of the fancy looking products that I had tried.

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Comfort fox staff July 27, January 26, Butt Wipers. How many of us are able to wipe efficiently without an aid? Not many.

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Curtis Asbury, MD sees it all the time. Peering into their sore bottom, Asbury nods solemnly, then delivers news most people never expect to hear. A dermatologist practicing in Selbyville, Delaware, Asbury has seen an uptick in the number of people coming in expressing dissatisfaction with their rectal hygiene.

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If you feel a little bit clueless as to how exactly to keep things clean between the cheeks from wipe to wash, you're not alone. According to Reddit usersplenty of people actually don't know how to keep their downstairs squeaky clean. Yes, it's really that bad.

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Bottom Buddy. Freedom wand and Bathroom Toilet aid. Juvo Toilet Aid with Caddy. Question : Have you ever wondered how the morbidly obese people are able to wipe their butts?


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