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Kylie Matthews June 29, How old is too old for thumbsucking? When should you say "no" to the dummy?

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My 6 month old has never taken a pacifier. Now, he is sucking his thumb. He really sucks it hard when he is sleepy.

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Is it okay if your child needs to suck his thumb to nod off? Thumb-sucking is a very good and very normal sleep aid. If it's associated with a sleep object such as a blanket or stuffed toy, it's a good idea to make a rule that the child can have his blanket or stuffed toy any time but just in his bed.

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Fortunately, many children lose interest in thumb-sucking by age three or four. Learn how and when to help your kid kick the habit. To help your child think about giving up the thumb on his or her own, tell your kid how proud you are of the way that he or she is growing up and becoming a big boy or girl.

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Jump to content. Many infants and young children calm themselves by sucking their thumbs. While most children will stop on their own between ages 3 and 6, some continue past the age of 4 or 5.

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For others, thumb-sucking is a continuation of a habit perfected well before they were born — and the proof is in those adorable ultrasound pics. Babies are born to suck. Sucking calms your baby down.

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RebeccaMichi September 1, Uncategorized. Does your baby suck her thumb? And are you being told to watch that habit as she grows?

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Thumb sucking in infants is common, often starting before birth. In most cases, babies and toddlers stop sucking their thumb by themselves. Thumb sucking can help babies self-soothe, feel secure and go to sleep. Most children grow out of it by the time they reach school.

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A: Thumb-sucking really gets a bad rap, when in fact it can be a useful way for babies to soothe themselves, much like a pacifier. What's more, thumb-sucking is very hard to control with a baby and isn't a problem at this age. Experts say that thumb-sucking only becomes an issue after a child turns 3, when it can start to interfere with the formation of his permanent teeth.

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Non nutritive sucking ie. Sucking without feeding really helps to calm young babies. Some babies learn to suck on their own hands from a very early age, others prefer to suck a dummy. Both are excellent soothers for young babies.


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