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The party finally came to San Francisco. The Rainbow Partythat is. A rainbow party, for readers who didn't catch the Oprah show featuring teen code language for sexual practices, is an update on spin the bottle.

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Top definition. A type of party where several girls wear a different color of lipstick then each proceeds to give one or more guys a blow job. The multiple of colors left on each guy's penis resembles a rainbow.

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IF drinking, driving and college admissions aren't enough for the parents of teenagers to worry about, there's a new specter on the horizon: "rainbow parties. While "Rainbow Party," by Paul Ruditis, has received a less-than-enthusiastic reception from booksellers, it has won plenty of attention from bloggers and conservative columnists and prompted lots of talk among teenagers, parents and school officials. Ruditis said.

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Did you hear? Teens are getting dangerously drunk by soaking tampons in vodka and shoving them up their butts. Or, wait, are they getting dangerously drunk by drinking Four Loko?

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Dedicated to the exploration of hoaxes, mischief, and misinformation throughout history. Toggle navigation. As a recent NY Times article explained, "rainbow parties are group oral sex parties in which each girl wears a different shade of lipstick, and each guy tries to emerge sporting every one of the various colors.

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Skip navigation! Story from Sex. Allegedly popular amongst high school students in the early aughts, these parties had their media heyday when this author was somewhere between 12 and years-old.

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We left off last time with a nod at Rainbow Parties. A Rainbow Party is a party where girls each wear different color lipstick. The Rainbow Party myth strokes the male ego by fluffing the idea that the amount of women who want to give him a blow job is so great, there will be enough mouths to recreate ROYGBIV on his penis.

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Rainbow Party is a cautionary tale about a group of teens faced with the prospect of attending a party involving oral sex. The novel spotlightseach of their diverse viewpoints in the hours leading up to the party. And ultimately, why they would consider going to a party like this in the first place. This book addresses important and timeless issues relevant to teens, including self-esteem, peer pressure, awareness about STD protection, and making an informed and educated decision about readiness for sexual activity.

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The myths and truths of teen's sexual behavior. To hear mainstream media sources tell it, the sex lives of modern teenagers outpace even the smuttiest of cable television shows. Teen girls "sext" explicit photos to boys they like; they wear "sex bracelets" that signify what sexual activities they have done, or will do; they team up with other girls at "rainbow parties" to perform sex acts on groups of willing teen boys; they form "pregnancy pacts" with their best girlfriends to all become teen mothers at the same time.

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You are now logged in. Forgot your password? The teenage oral sex panic began in the late s.


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