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In a society where it's considered rude to answer "yes" to the question "Does anyone want the last scone? My year spent blogging joblessness landed me a job, and doctorate-level knowledge of what not to say to a jobless youngster. Today's youth has spent years chasing qualifications no one ever asks us about.

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Hating on universities and the uselessness of their degrees is trendy. A quick Google search will offer you hundreds of rants detailing the pointlessness of secondary education. Yet while college has become a bad investment, it's likely not for the reasons you have in mind.

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Congratulations, class ofyou're entering the home stretch of your college education. For many of you, this will be the last year before you enter into the professional world. Enjoy that college bubble while it lasts.

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I gave tours to potential students and their parents who had expressed unfounded concerns about gender-neutral bathrooms in the dorms; then, in my final year, I interviewed high schoolers and submitted write-ups about their performance to their official admissions files. When I was given the opportunity to stay on full time as an associate, the decision practically made itself. I would live cheaply in staff housing, get swiped into the dining hall by friends who were still students, and start chipping away at my student loans by the time the grace period ended.

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Normalising : a posh word for perspective, really. Yes, applying for jobs is almost a job in itself, but keep doing the fun stuff too! Things like watching a film, reading a book, seeing friends, dancing.

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When we were children, many of us believed that college was the necessary step in being a successful adult. College, we were told, would set us up for the career of our choice. However, for many post-grads, the actual college experience was somewhat different.

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In Palo Alto, California, in the heart of Silicon Valley, our adolescents kill themselves at four to five times the national average. The majority of the children who have taken their own lives have put themselves in the path of the CalTrain whose tracks cut through the very center of town. Yet growing up here can make our kids feel hopeless and helpless about whether they actually have any chance of attaining the grand futures we have in mind.

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These are the stocks posting the largest moves before the bell. The jobless rate dropped 0. On Tuesday, tensions hit a new high after police shot a protester, the first person hit by live gunfire in nearly four months of unrest.

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Three years ago, I graduated from college, and after years of occasional all-nighters, skipped meals and serious stress over exams, I was looking forward to a new, calmer life. College in Denton, Texas, had been the time of my life, a place where I evolved from an apathetic, underachieving student to a social-activism-minded honor student. I felt immense pride when I walked across the graduation stage and began the hour-long drive home to Dallas.

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Is majoring in the liberal arts a bad economic decision? Debra Humphreys and Patrick Kelly don't think so. In their recent study for the Association for American College and Universities AACUthey show that liberal arts majors enjoy comparable long-term career prospects as students who obtain degrees in more "useful" fields.


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